Powerful Location Tracking Powerful Location Tracking Tracking, analyzing, and monitoring your assets has never been so easy
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Project Artemis? Customized software providing your mobile applications with effective and precise location tracking. Whether you are a logistics company, an e-commerce store, a delivery business, or a fleet, Project Artemis gives you tailored ways to monitor, track, and analyze your assets.
Remote Functions Create and specify actions based on pre-defined events and remotely trigger them, automatically or manually. Performing tasks like, issuing warnings to your fleet driver when he goes over the speed limit, or send customers free coupons when they travel to certain locations. Learn about remote functions   
Your Data Access your data through our set of APIs, exporting in your preferred format, or from the Project Artemis Dashboard. Even if your subscription ends, you will always have access to all your data sets. Learn about accessing your data   
Make Intelligent Decisions Our Web GL platform enables you to visualize your data in ways that suit your needs, helping you make informed decisions.

Imagine seeing the best traffic routes, or knowing the ideal time to dispatch orders. Better insights will help keep your customers satisfied.
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Project Artemis is easy to set up
Your app can be ready with just seven lines of code!
package com.yourdomain.yourapp;

import artemis.poseidon;
import artemis.poseidon.tracker;
public class TrackerActivity extends AppCompatActivity{

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  ArtemisTrack tracker = new ArtemisTrack(Track.HIGH_ACCURACY, 300);
            tracker.onLocationFound = new LocationFound(){
  //do magic		

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